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Is Martial Arts for ME?

Is Martial Arts For Me?

There is something magical about the practice of martial arts and the benefits are limitless.

Virtually every major challenge that faces modern society such as obesity, bullying, low confidence, poor self-esteem, high stress to name just a few, can be addressed through quality martial arts training.

The catch is that martial arts can only benefit people if they’re actually training in martial art such as Kung Fu / Self defence.

I have heard it all, over the years on why a student can’t begin their training in any of the styles. Kung Fu, Kickboxing, Jeet Kune Do (JKD), Eskrima and so many more.

  • Excuses such as “I want to lose some weight first” – When in fact training will aid in weight loss. You are working on your techniques, striking skills and forms. All of which whilst practicing will be burning those calories. The truth here is that you might not even realise just how many calories you’re burning because every good martial arts class is fun, dynamic and upbeat. So you’re too busy having a great time and working on improving yourself to even notice your calorie count. Plus you’re feeling good about yourself, So more likely to relook at your nutrition and what you put into your body.

  • “I’m Too Old For Anything Like This” – WOW! I’ve heard this one thousands of times, especially from parents of our younger students. Well, it might be right that you aren’t able to execute that triple back somersault or fire out 50 or one hundred press-ups. Start at the beginning of your Black Belt journey, join in the first class and you will quickly see that martial arts is for any age. Plus, any good school would be able to accommodate any age or restrictions. Work on self-improvement and development and you can succeed, physically and mentally.

  • “I can’t even Touch My Toes” – So what? Not all systems require you to be able to be super flexible. With practice, perseverance, discipline and time. You’ll be able to improve your flexibility. Then with improved flexibility will come, improved posture. lessened joint pain. That lower back pain you have suffered from for years could start to improve. The fact is that we all need to keep our bodies moving. The old saying “USE IT OR LOSE IT” very much rings true for our body. The complete range of motion of our joints can have huge health benefits. Both Physically and Emotionally.

  • “I Don’t Have The Time” – Time is normally one thing we all worry about NOT having enough of. But let me ask you this. How much time off work or school have you needed because of stress, depression, anxiety and so many other mental and physical ailments? Training once or twice a week can break that cycle. Coming to a quality class, Having a great time, meeting new like-minded friends, forgetting the outside world and its stresses for and a couple of hours a week can act like a RESET. Lowering anxiety levels, improving your mental and physical strength and better preparing you for the next day. I would argue that you can’t afford NOT to find the time to train.

  • “I couldn’t possibly do anything like that!” – This is one that has always confuses me. I wonder what people think we get up to. Do we shout and ridicule the students? Do we embarrass students that can’t do the techniques? Well, the answer is NO,NO,NO. Any good Martial Arts Academy will nurture, develop and help a student grow. At their own pace and in their own way. Yes, we have set techniques, moves and forms. But these are designed to improve your skills. Help advance a student in their mental skills and their physical structure. Here we have taught students of all ages, fitness, flexibility and ability levels. No one is incapable of training. It’s purely down to the desire to invoke change. Make the changes in your life that will improve your quality of life or the life of a loved one.

  • “I don’t know anything about it, So I won’t bother” – Well! If you don’t know anything about it, how can you know what you are missing? How could martial arts improve YOU? What could martial arts possible teach you about yourself. Looking at your limitations, not you stop you, but to empower you to strive above these limitations. Learn to set the goals for advancement. Train ourselves to believe in what we can do. To NOT BOTHER is to risk missing out on something that could be truly life changing and that really brings FUN to your life.

  • “I tried it years ago, It’s not for me” – There as literally hundreds if not thousands of different styles of martial arts. It’s often the case that you just need to find the system that suits you best. Just the same as in life , there are people you “click with” and others you simple do not. Take the time to search, find the “right fit” for you. Because, once you have, you will find that the instructors and the classes can help you gain skills that will stay with you the rest of your life.

So, In conclusion. IS MARTIAL ARTS FOR ME?


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