Chi Wai is a family friendly martial arts & fitness centre run by Master Degree black belt Master Sifu Lee Kent and his wife Lisa. The Cheltenham based centre specialises in teaching a modern, progressive self defence system with some of its techniques originating from the syles of Wing Chung Kung Fu, Wado Ryu Karate, Boxing, Kickboxing, Systema to name but a few. Taking these techniques and simplifying them into a single system that is design to cover “all the ranges”. Chi Wai Kung Fu translates to English as self defence combative skills and this accurately describes the ethios and drive of the system and its continued development.


  • “Amazing club for kids and adults teaching awesome kung fu. My kids, wife and myself all are members – learning and having fun for years. I can’t recommend Chi Wai highly enough regardless of your fitness level or age!

    Training at this club is more than just martial arts, it teaches integrity, respect, leadership, self-discipline, fitness and social skills. There’s a friendly family environment where everyone’s welcome.”

    Mike MacDonagh
  • “My son and I both do Chi Wai and have been for many years, it’s a great place to learn self defence with a good family atmosphere, and with great instructors . Try it you might surprise yourself, I did and I love it.” – Mel

    “I’ve been doing Chi Wai since the age of 7, as Sifu came to my junior school and done an after school club, and I’ve never looked back since as I am now a second degree black along with being part of the leadership team. Also from joining the club I have made so many new friends and meet amazing people.” – Ryan

    Mel & Ryan Charman
  • “This is a great family club with a good balance of fun, skills and discipline. Sifu Lee and his team are highly skilled and are very patient with the kids. My son (10) has gained confidence and focus which has helped him at school and also given him confidence to try other sports. My daughter started as a Tiny Tiger when she was 5 and has now progressed to the little Dragons, she has definitely benefited from the discipline and structure which has helped to tame her wild side! They both love attending and enjoy working towards their belt graduations. They can both do impressive sit ups and press ups as well 🙂 . If you are considering a Martial Arts club, this is a great one to try! On a practical note it is also easy to find and has parking!

    Birthday Party Review! I’d highly recommend the birthday parties run at Chi Wai. My daughter’s 7th party was a dream – Sifu Lee had 16 kids (age 4 – 10) engaged and active for 1.5 hours. Amazing how they were all so attentive and focused on the activities! I just had to provide the food, drinks and cake :). Definitely the easiest party I have ever organised! I had a number of comments from parents that their children really enjoyed it. Perfect!”

    Lisa Mason
  • “I’ve been training here for over six years now and love it, there’s a great, friendly atmosphere, everyone is very kind and helpful, I’ve learnt a lot from training here and feel it’s really helped me grow as a person, it’s a great experience for anyone of any age or ability”

    Emma Jefferies
  • “I’ve been a member since 2005 and it has been a real pleasure to watch the club grow. There is a great, positive atmosphere and a everyone is welcoming. Very family-friendly and no ‘yob’ element at all. Has given me excellent self defence skills as well as boosting my confidence. Thank you, Chi Wai!”

    Toby Malik
  • “My son Freddie is 7 and has been going for three months and looks forward to every session. He talks about Chi Wai outside of classes and enjoys every minute he is there. Chi Wai is a great club full of energy fun and enthusiasm.”

    Pete Davey
  • “Really great tutors and a positive friendly atmosphere. Good flexibility with the programme to with plenty of opportunities to attend training sessions. Family oriented as well with a good mix of martial arts and fitness. Thanks!!!”

    Anthony Johnson
  • “Great club, oriented towards all students achieving their goals. Gives great confidence to students, at the same time having lots of fun. Should not be missed by those wishing to improve their fitness.”

    Clive Birch
  • “A wonderful place for my grandson to attend. With coordination difficulties it has made such a difference. Though he tries he isn’t a naturally “sporty” child, he tries very hard and the confidence and friends he has made at Chi Wai has made such a difference to him.
    Sifu keeps discipline that is firm, fair and sometimes fun but my grandson has blossomed.
    Every time I attend the there are smiles and a good spirit and I am so glad we have found this treasure. If you or your kids want some fun and exercise and an opportunity to learn a Martial Art then give it a go. You will be welcomed and never look back.”

    John Swale
  • “Been coming here for about 7 years feels like my second home a fantastic little club to be part of.”

  • “My boys have attended Chi Wai from the age of 4 yrs. It’s outstanding the level of care. What’s so fantastic is that Lee and his team understand the importance of supporting children about self defence the foundation of martial arts, and instilling respect, great mental attitude and outlook on life, not just concentrating on the physical martial art skill. They are all very friendly and welcoming.”

  • “I have been a member at the club for the last 8 years and I still learn something new from Sifu and the other dedicated team of instructors every time I attend. My son also attended for 4 years to reach his Jnr Black Belt and is still really proud of reaching his goal. It is a friendly and safe environment to learn martial arts and I highly recommend it.”

    David Riera
  • “Out of all of the fitness groups and kung fu classes I’ve been to over the years, Chi Wai Cheltenham happens to be the friendliest, welcoming, and just genuinely heart warming. With so much support from the instructors and even your peers, you can’t go wrong. With such a family feel you have that sense of belonging. There’s nowhere else i would rather be.”

    Sam Pidgley
  • “Both my boys and I attend classes here. They are for all fitness levels mantra really comes into play with me as I really am not what you would call fit.

    The kids love it, and always come home tired.

    All the staff and all of the SWAT members (students that have shown a willing and interest in helping others develop) are all really friendly and super patient no matter how challenging the student is.

    Could not give a higher recommendation to this establishment.

    If you’re not sure give them a call and arrange a trial and see what you think. Both me and my boys were all hooked after the first lesson”

    Ian Tiller
  • “I originally took my son along to see how he felt about learning a martial art. He was 8 years old at the time. The smile on his face when he came out after his first lesson was magical. He is 14 now and training for his second degree black belt! Same story with my daughter.
    Chi Wai has not only been beneficial to their self confidence. Their self discipline and hence their schoolwork has also improved. I get great peace of mind as a parent knowing that my children are learning something that is proving invaluable to them and will stand them in good stead as they grow.
    The club is like a big family and we have made many good friends there.
    Come along and try it out.”

    Steve O
  • “I’ve been doing Chi Wai for just over 4 years now and it is amazing. Everyone is really nice and the instructors are amazing and patient. I recommend anyone to join this club! :-)”

    Hamzah Kapadia
  • “My daughter has been a member of Chi Wai since February 2007. She has grown in confidence, self-discipline and respect for herself and others (apart from her odd blip like any child!). She cannot wait for her lessons and really enjoys them. Sifu Lee Kent and his helpers/family are always happy and there for the children and adults to help or offer advice. This is not only a club for the children but adults as well. Kickercise is a keep fit fun activity for all the family.”

  • “My daughter Emma Jade started over a year ago at Chi Wai and I’ve watched her grow with confidence and watched the Chi Wai group grow three times as much from when she started. She looks forward to going to every lesson, it’s both learning and having lots of fun.”