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Seniors 12 – 16yrs & Adults

Senior Lessons: 12 - 16yrs

Senior and Adults Training Timetable 2021

The Senior age group is 12 to 16 years.


These students train side by side with the adults and on the same syllabus programme. Both groups complementing each other with the techniques and skills, working in harmony and empathising with each other on their trials and journey to Black Belt excellence.

Individuals between the ages of 12 – 16 have many stresses and hurdles to overcome in today’s fast-paced society:

  • Stress over exams
  • Becoming a young adult
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Confidence
  • Low Self-Esteem
  • and so much more.

And with these negative emotional problems, we feel it’s our duty to help every teenager who comes into our academy.

The support, encouragement, passion and drive of every instructor helps individuals work towards improving their metal and physical health.

Our training programme has been specifically written to work for the development of a student’s Mind Set and Physical Ability.

Setting small and achievable goals for each student every month will infuse the mind set of a student on how to:

  • Plan – what’s needed 
  • Persevere – and have the discipline to keep going
  • Focus – on the smaller individual goals not the end results
  • Set themselves up to succeed!

Training is conducted in a semi-formal atmosphere which encourages effective communication between the instructors and the students, enabling them to learn and understand easier and appreciate the benefits of their training:

  • Self-Defence
  • Fitness
  • Confidence
  • Great Mental Attitude
  • Improve Self-Esteem
  • Focus & Discipline
  • Intelligent Communication
  • The Black Belt Attitude!

Our classes are an excellent way for our seniors to get involved with peers that share similar goals and standards. By expanding their network with positive influences, they’ll be able to maintain accountability and increase their social skills.

Bring your child to the Centre and enjoy watching your young adult thrive and succeed, while having a great time!

Adult Lessons

Senior and Adults Training Timetable 2021

The Adult age at our academy is 16+ years.

The syllabus these students work with is a dynamic and effective system with the main emphasis on techniques that work.

The Chi Wai Martial Arts & Fitness Centre has carefully compiled techniques over three decades to promote the best and most effective ways to deal with an attack while ensuring safety at all times.

Our Adult sessions are for any: 

  • Fitness Levels
  • Gender
  • Age over 16

“Don’t allow doubt or fear to stop you trying this amazing Mind Set and Self-Defence programme that literally changes lives!” Master Sifu Lee

Training with the Chi Wai Martial Arts & Fitness Centre can be hard work at times, not just physically but mentally as well. 

However, the personal rewards and sense of achievement more than compensate for the effort.

Students come here to train train for a number of different reason:

  • Improve fitness
  • Work on anxiety
  • Combat depression
  • Build confidence
  • De-stress from a busy life
  • Empower themselves to achieve
  • Meet new, like-minded people
  • And so much more…

BUT they stay because of the camaraderie, support and tireless encouragement from the instructors, staff and fellow students.

Training systems have been developed to help students with the assimilation of knowledge and skills while helping the individual better their personal goals.

The focus on learning specific techniques, timing, focus and drills to enable the student to progress through our award-winning grading syllabus.

Working just as importantly on the Mind Set of an individual as well as their physical skills.

Training is conducted in a semi-formal atmosphere to encourage greater communication between the instructors and students, enabling them to learn and understand more quickly and appreciate the benefits of their training:

  • Self-Defence
  • Fitness
  • Balance
  • Better Mental Attitude
  • Improve Flexibility
  • The Black Belt Attitude!

All practised in a safe and friendly environment.

All of our instructors ‘have been there’, ‘struggled with the same techniques’ as you, ‘endured similar challenges’ that could stop the continuation of their training and progression.

So they understand and are completely happy to work with you to expand your knowledge, skills and help you every step of the way to accomplish your individual goals. 

With the belief that Self-Defence and Martial Arts should be available to everyone, we encourage anyone who thinks they might like kung-fu to try.

Come down and have a go!