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About Us – Chi Wai Family Martial Arts


Welcome to our Chi Wai Family Martial Arts website.

Here’s an insight into our centre,

Throughout the years of development, growth and self-discovery, physically and mentally we have evolved beyond recognition.

Chi Wai has been training and teaching since 1987. Back then the training consisted of specific basics such as punching, kicking and blocking.

Our teaching and classes consist of so much more than just the basics from the past. We now use our bespoke training techniques and our self-defensive specialised systems to inspire our students to become the very best version of themselves, as well as developing the awareness of powerful defensive skills that may be needed during today’s society.

Using the vessel of the martial arts we tutor our students in our “Champions for Life” programme. A programme that aids the development and growth of an individual’s mental well-being.

Working on a separate “Life Skill” each month, our students are encouraged to talk to friends and family to get a better understanding of the skill. By discussing the life skills, such as “Self Respect” a student will think about what respect means to them and to others, from this creating a thought process that can help them recognise, understand and therefore improve, nurture and grow their individual learning.

We revisit each life skill every year. Due to a student growing in age, these thought processes can represent something slightly different. By re-evaluating and exploring them it will empower their positive mental attitude to life.

Here are the positive mental attributes we discuss during the year;

Leadership: Develops the ideas and tools for empathy, communication, self-awareness and gratitude.

Respect: Ability to take care of yourself and others. Being kind with your actions and taking into considerations other peoples feelings.

Teamwork: Helping to understand how to work in a group and with others. Taking others ideas and views into account.

Positive Attitude: Thinking of the positives of a given situation. Finding the good in positives instead of dwelling and focusing on the negatives.

Responsibility: Taking accountability for your actions. Working towards accepting what you do can impact others and yourself.

Self Control: Setting goals and sticking to them. Keeping your goals small, manageable and realistic. Being able to control your emotions, thoughts and behaviours in the face of temptations and impulses.

Concentration: minimising everyday distractions and focusing on the “now”. Being attentive whilst in a give situation to enable the learning process to be as efficient as possible.

Effort: Working hard, trying your best will help achieve that goal. Building your self-esteem and sense of worth.

Social Skills: integrating and communicating with others well in social interaction and understanding specific ways to socialise with different peer groups within your community.

Courtesy: Enabling a consideration for others emotions and beliefs. Strengthening a greater social bond with others.

Excellence: Celebrating your “wins”. Creating a passion for the things you are doing and succeeding in. Try your best, Do your best. Then you can NEVER say you have failed.

Good Manners: Portraying a positive and generous attitude towards others. Expressing empathy and understanding.

The Chi Wai Family Martial Arts Centre is here to help you strive towards excellence. Developing positive characters of all ages and great role models for others.

Students who train in our systems become more confident, honourable and respectful individuals, creating the opportunity to be who they strive to be.

Come join our Chi Wai family, with a passion to make everyone happy and feel safe wherever they are, building bonds that last a lifetime and a support centre where our door is always open.

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