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Putting Our Students in the Spotlight

Putting our Students in the Spotlight

We here at Chi Wai Family Martial Arts have been asking our students to volunteer to showcase a technique that they have been learning this month.

It gives the student a chance to show how well they are doing, aiding other students to understand the techniques, and helps the confidence of that student to soar.

The students’ self-confidence and self-esteem improve. Their communication skills get better and better each time they participate.

Learning to showcase the techniques can be the beginning steps our a students’ leadership skills. Enabling them to explain and teach a technique.

These skills will aid in the mental growth of that student. Helping them to develop their skills such as communication, instruction, and leading by example.  Giving them the self-worth and self-respect to enable them to inspire and lead others.


Chi Wai Kung Fu in a great vessel to help create a positive mindset whilst learning self-defence and improving your physical fitness at the same time.

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