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Possibly the VERY BEST ONE YET!

Dojo Dollar Auction

This was quite possibly the most successful Dojo Dollar Auction We Have Ever Had!

What a fantastic turnout.

Every year we run our “Dojo Dollar Auction”.

For the past 3 months, all of our Mini Cobras, Tiny Tigers, Little Dragons, and Juniors students are earning their dojo dollars.

You can earn the dollars for any number of things, from simply turning up to lessons,

Help out at home, in school, or during training.

Earning awards, again can be anywhere, different clubs, at school, at the dojo, or if they have done something fantastic at home, such as cleaning their room, or washing the car. Literally anything positive.

So throughout the 3 months, students are working hard through all their aspects of their life.

Then we asked everyone if they would donate all their old toys, games, books, and movies. Anything of good, clean working order.

Then comes the day… This year it was Saturday 16th of September.

The donations were through the roof, I even had to store them throughout the dojo to find enough room for everything.

We laid out all the recycled Toys, Books, Films, and Electrical goods. There was so much stuff.

Then the bidding began. Standing up if they wanted to bid for an item, sitting back down once they have reached the limit of how much they are willing to pay… The winner received a huge round of applause and was able to go home with their new toy.

The fun and bidding went on for almost three and a half hours. Students go home once they have spent all their Dojo Dollars. Other students coming in a little further into the auction.

Everyone seemed to go home HAPPY and we had loads of thanks and compliments from the parents for organising the event.

In total, we think there were a little over 130 who attended this year which again we think is a bit of a record for us.

So thank you to everyone who attended and donated.

Don’t worry!  Anything that didn’t go during the auction we took to our local charity shop, so nothing went to waste!

Now we can put everything away until next year.

Reduce - Reuse - Recycle

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