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No Stopping Chi Wai !

When Chi Wai was forced to Lock down and stop all personal classes we stopped the lessons at our full time academy and moved Online!

Thanks to the loyalty of the students and the resilience of their instructors Chi Wai turned to”Zoom Classes” On line conference calls. Taking Chi Wai instructors into each and every students homes.

Training students, encouraging them and striving them all to become better. To embrace these strange times, but not to survive OH NO!  To thrive! To learn to adapt and overcome the boredom, monotony and negativity that can come from being locked indoors for weeks.

For some students. Their training was the only constant, that has continued throughout the Covid-19 pandemic. And lots of our students have expressed their thanks and gratitude to the instructors for that.

But now we are emerging on the other side. Chi Wai has spent the whole of May and June 2020 assessing, preparing and planning for the re-opening of their full time academy with outstanding safety precautions and guidelines in place. With a number of other professional Martial Arts schools throughout the country requesting help and assistance for their own establishments.

Chi Wai is emerging stronger than ever! Adding to their outstanding service with additional lessons, services and complimentary V.I.P online resources to help and encourage all their students to grow in knowledge, fitness and skills. With an improved mental attitude and strength.

Getting a little excited on the feedback we have been getting from our online classes.

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You can train with any online device. This student trains 2 - 3 times a week. Always from his mobile phone 🙂

Editing Training Content for our New Members Only V.I.P Portal.

Zoom Lessons from my shed 🙂

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