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Martial Arts Builds Strength – Physically & Mentally

Martial Arts Builds Strength – Physically & Mentally

All martial arts can build strength.

Whether you are training in Kung Fu, Jeet Kune Do, Kickboxing, Eskrima – No matter the system. Martial Arts encourages you to get off the sofa, work out, and create more flexible muscles.

The types of exercises include punching, This can develop arm strength and stamina, grabbing improves your hands and arms durability. The many stances and kicks you will work through will improve your leg power and core strength. Takedowns also exercise your legs, core, and back, developing a strong structure and posture.

Having and constantly working on a strong core and posture can prevent back pain, soreness of joints, and many other common aches and pains of today’s society.


Commonly overlooked beneficial attributes of martial arts training in the mental impact it provides.

Regular training of the strikes and techniques requires focus, each strike needs control and energy, training regularly infuses discipline and respect, to highlight just a few positive mental growth benefits.

When you fuse focus, control, energy, discipline, and respect your mental strength naturally grows and blossoms.

Martial arts has been the backbone of probably thousands if not millions of students with low self-esteem and anxiety and has helped them improve if not overcome these often cruel mental illnesses.

With the continued support from their instructors and fellow, martial arts family students feel safe, welcome, and a part of something amazing. Eradicating loneliness for those living on their own. The ability to go out and meet like-minded individuals away from your work or home environment. Doing something you truly love and enjoy. This is something that should never be undervalued.

So, Time to take that first step!

Find a martial arts school near you. Check it out, make sure it’s for you and will suit your needs. Maybe even try a couple of different styles or systems. Because once you have found the martial art that is the best fit for you as an individual. You will start to learn, discover, and improve in ways you never thought possible. And these benefits could last you a lifetime.

Lee Kent

Chi Wai Family Martial Arts

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