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John Lewis – Staff Wellbeing Events 🥊

On Wednesday 22nd June 2022,

I was booked for a Kickboxing Fitness event for the staff of store John Lewis store here in Cheltenham through the Cheltenham Wellbeing Festival 

And what a fantastic group of people they are!

Everyone seemed a little apprehensive at the start, and who can blame them they didn’t really know what I was going to ask them to do.

Once we began our warm-up and a few old jokes of mine 😁 they all soon started to relax and enjoy the session.

Simply moving and striking to start with. A simple Jab / Cross combination. Just to get them going, Then adding Hooks and Upper Cuts. We had laughter and giggles all over the place.

Once they had got the hang of striking and moving together, I added a basic front kick into the mix. Just to complete the combination. It was fantastic, everyone gave it a go and tried their best. I was so impressed because quite often when you have a mix of people from a group who are not there specifically for  Martial Arts, You can get the odd couple who don’t really try. But EVERYONE at John Lewis did. 

We finished off with a basic “Pak Sau” (Parry) and strike combination to complete the 45-minute session before a short Q & A.

The questions came in thick and fast. So after the session was over, I stuck around for another hour to enable to answer everyone as fully as I was able.

Thank You once again to all the staff who were there on Wednesday. You all made it a joy to teach the session.

See you all on the 20th of July for your Self-Defence session.

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