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February 2023 Belt Grading

Belt Grading Group
We couldn’t be more proud of our students.
Saturday 25th February 2023 our students of Kung Fu and Kickboxing who were eligible attended their belt grading assessment and graduation ceremony.
This consisted of assessing their technical skills, techniques, timing, memory, and dedication.
After a 2 – 3 hour assessment, students are told if they have passed on what marks they have been awarded.
Then comes the belt presentation (Graduation). We invite parents in to watch their children receive their new belts plus any medals and awards they have been awarded.
Congratulations to everyone!

Tiny Tiger Grading -
Ages 3.5 - 5 yrs

Little Dragons & Juniors -
Ages 6 - 11 yrs

Kickboxing Family &
Adults Only -
Ages 7 yrs and Above

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