Lisa Mason

“This is a great family club with a good balance of fun, skills and discipline. Sifu Lee and his team are highly skilled and are very patient with the kids. My son (10) has gained confidence and focus which has helped him at school and also given him confidence to try other sports. My daughter started as a Tiny Tiger when she was 5 and has now progressed to the little Dragons, she has definitely benefited from the discipline and structure which has helped to tame her wild side! They both love attending and enjoy working towards their belt graduations. They can both do impressive sit ups and press ups as well 🙂 . If you are considering a Martial Arts club, this is a great one to try! On a practical note it is also easy to find and has parking!

Birthday Party Review! I’d highly recommend the birthday parties run at Chi Wai. My daughter’s 7th party was a dream – Sifu Lee had 16 kids (age 4 – 10) engaged and active for 1.5 hours. Amazing how they were all so attentive and focused on the activities! I just had to provide the food, drinks and cake :). Definitely the easiest party I have ever organised! I had a number of comments from parents that their children really enjoyed it. Perfect!”