Si-Hing Mark Thomas

Si-Hing Mark Thomas


  • With the Chi Wai Academy since 1999
  • 3rd Degree Black Belt
  • Si-ing Instructor
  • Disclosure and Barring Services (DBS) Certified (Formally CRB)
  • First Aid “Appointed Person”
  • Child Protection Officer

Preferred Technique:

Not to be there in the first place! However, a instep kick – not only does this move cause great pain if used correctly but it’s delivered before the attacker knows what happened. Link these together and it will redirect the flow of the attacker and give you time to make a break or counter the assault and may discourage further attacks.

Martial Arts Experience:

  • Training under Chi Chong Yan Master Sifu Lee Kent of the Chi Wai Black Belt Academy since 1999
  • School leader since 2005
  • European Russian martial arts Cnctema under Vadimir Vasiliev since 2001

Martial Arts Ambition:

To train a student up to and beyond 1st Dan, passing on what has been taught to me fulfils the circle and underlines Sifu’s teachings of there is no ending just progression.


To succeed in all that I do. Chi Wai has helped me focus on what is important to me in my life. With this in mind the future looks great. I would like to thank Sifu Lee Kent; Si-ing Mark Burrows, my mentor; and Si-ing Matt Paine in passing on their knowledge and helping me to achieve my goals.