Bags & Abs Class

Bags & Abs Fitness Class Cheltenham

Mondays 7.45 – 8:30pm – Class Type: Cardio & Fat Burn

Bags & Abs is constantly changing exercise class geared to strengthen all major muscle groups including abs. The objective is to increase stamina, build body strength, improve posture, reduce body fat, & create a natural body tone by gently increasing lean muscle mass.  This is a low impact, interval training  class suitable for all ages and capability levels The exercises are usually a minute of high intensity bag workout followed by a minute of low intensity floor work & a minute recovery A great way to get into shape whatever your fitness & ability level.

Class length: 30 minutes + 15 minute stretch down.

Classes are open to anyone over the age of 16 or over the age of 12 with an attending adult. Wear loose clothing, clean indoor only footwear & don’t forget to bring a drink with you.