About Our Fitness Classes

I Hate the Gym – Say Customers!

You can hit the treadmill until you need a hip replacement, push iron till you get a spinal hernia & spend a fortune freeing up trapped nerves & misaligned bones at the chiropractors – why? If you hate the sticky sweat on the treadmill handles, the musty smell of the spin room or the nasty bacteria that is often found on gym equipment then you’re not alone – say experts from “50 shocking facts about diet & exercise” of Channel 5. Gym is not the answer for all of us.

Getting Motivated is the Hardest Bit

We all make excuses such as “I’ll go when I’ve lost a few pounds” or “I’ve not done exercise for years – I’ll die” or “I look awful compared to the perfect bodied buff people”. Latest sudies show that 1/2 an hour of exercise is all we need to remain fit, agile & prevent many illnesses.

So you don’t need to waste your life pumping iron till you drop come & spend a few of those ½ hours with us in our clean, well vented, padded floor dojo where it doesn’t matter whether you are 12 or 80, whether you weigh 100lbs or 400 lbs so long as you are willing, we’ll help you. Our classes are for fitness, fun, & friendship rather than fashion, vanity & posing.

We waste £37 Million on Gym Memberships!

Yup, us Brits waste £37 Million on unused gym memberships according to gocompare & as 77% of us fail to keep up our fitness resolutions. We get sucked in by the glossy brochures, the gleaming equipment & the advisors sales pitch – yet a couple of sessions in we run out of steam and end up paying £100’s in membership fees for nothing. So the only people who really benefit are the gym owners

No Contracts – Small fees

At Chi Wai Martial Arts & fitness we won’t pester you to sign any contracts, pitch you personal fitness sessions or sell you overpriced protein powders – just pay £22 each month and take as many classes as you like. That’s from just £2.75 per class, the lowest low price anywhere for training by level 3 PT instructors!