Graduation January 2017

Group Photo Another amazing graduation had by all, with some great achievements. All the students gaining their next grade belt.

Charlie Simmons was awarded the well earned BBA (Black Belt Attitude) Award. Well done Charlie.


Amazing achievement from Jeremy who gained his 2nd Degree Black Belt. which has taken 6 years of hard work and dedication. Well done.


Also being awarded his 1 st Degree Black Belt Adam. Which has taken him 4 years to achieve. Amazing stuff.

Graduation 24th December 2016



Some amazing achievements again this month. Chester gaining the Black Belt Attitude Award. Many students achieving their next coloured belts. Plus a huge well done to 4 boys that have gained their junior Black Belts after starting right back as tiny tigers at the age of 4. Max, Todd, Dean & Chris. Great achievement and cant wait to see you gain your 2nd degree.




Graduation November 2016

Another amazing graduation, with so much going on. So many achievements this month.

Group Photo

Some of our Dacayana Students were graded by the fabulous Marcie. Such a great honor to have her test our students to such a high standard.

Dacayana Group Photo
Seamus gained his 1st Degree Black Belt
Alfie got awarded the Black Belt Attitude Award. Great Job!
Amazing show from the Instructors, all three of them gaining their 4th Degree Black Belt. Outstanding Dedication to the Academy.

Finally a proud family moment when Sifu awarded his daughter with the first ever female Instructor uniform. Massive well done Se-Je Bethany Kent you are a star.

Zombie Nerf Wars

Once again……. We are safe. Thanks to the selfless acts of the Chi Wai Martial Arts & Fitness Centre’s students the world is safe for another year!

Chi Wai students got together and spent 3 hours battling these strange creatures, shooting them tirelessly with their Nerf guns until they finally defeated them.


September Graduation 2016


Great Graduation this month
Lucy achieved her 1st Degree Black Belt & Zoe achieved her 2nd Degree Black Belt.
Michael was given the BBA Award, achieving Distinctions in nearly every tip test he has taken since joining the academy.
Mel was awarded his 3rd Degree Black Belt and asked to join the elite, in becoming a Full Instructor. Such a massive achievement. Welcome to the team.