NEW JKD Concept Lessons Start

What an amazing first class for our new JKD Concepts, everyone enjoyed the new classes, which included a great workout and some fantastic techniques. 

Was great to give out 20 new T-shirts to all our new JKD students. They all looked so smart.

Great way to wake up in the morning and feel energised for the rest of the day.

Great FUN with amazing ENERGY, GREAT Martial Arts Lesson for the whole FAMILY!!

Cheltenham Family Business of the Year Awards Evening

What an amazing achievement to be invited to the Cheltenham Business Awards after becoming part of the final three in the Family Business Awards out of a couple of hundred businesses.

We were so honoured to take our 2 daughter and some of our instructors to help celebrate and enjoy a beautiful meal and amazing awards evening.

Thank you to all our Instructors and Leadership Students for helping us achieve this award and making our Academy what it is today.

August 2018

Small graduation this month. Most students away enjoying their summer holidays. Well done guys you were all fabulous.

What an achievement Dylan was awarded the Black Belt Attitude award.

Fantastic work from Ellis and Lola, who gained their 1st Degree Black Belts. Amazing commitment and can not wait to see them achieve their 2nd Degree Black Belt’s in 2 years time. 

Academy Competition 2018

Such an amazing day had by all, from our Tiny Tigers to our Big Kids (Adults). everyone was awarded their have a go medals. With some amazing fitness, board breaking, highest kick and Tag Sparring. We also gave out many 1st, 2nd & 3rd place trophies and special overall awards. With Ryan winning the highest marks Adult, Todd winning the highest marks Senior, Seamus winning the highest mark Junior, Dominic winning the highest mark Little Dragons & finally Renata winning the highest mark for the Tiny Tigers. 

Congratulations to Seamus as he won the overall Trophie of Trophies, Huge achievement.

Plus two very special awards for best sportsmanship that went to Ajai & Lilian. They were fantastic on the day, smiling and being very supportive of others.

May Graduation

Another amazing graduation, everyone achieving their next belt.

Congratulations to these two students who have been asked to join our S.W.A.T Team.

As well as getting invited to the S.W.A.T Team a massive congratulations to Elijah for receiving the Black Belt Attitude Award this month. Keep up the good work!

In addition to the awards, we would like to congratulate Leroy for getting his second degree black belt this month. This is a massive achievement and we are so happy for you.

We would like to say well done to everyone who got their tip tests, belts and awards this month and looking forward to what next month brings.