May Graduation

Another amazing graduation, everyone achieving their next belt.

Congratulations to these two students who have been asked to join our S.W.A.T Team.

As well as getting invited to the S.W.A.T Team a massive congratulations to Elijah for receiving the Black Belt Attitude Award this month. Keep up the good work!

In addition to the awards, we would like to congratulate Leroy for getting his second degree black belt this month. This is a massive achievement and we are so happy for you.

We would like to say well done to everyone who got their tip tests, belts and awards this month and looking forward to what next month brings.


March Graduation 2018

These students did so well, achieving their goals and moving closer to their Black Belts.

Amazing show from these students, 2 gaining their Black Belts, 2 gaining their 2nd Degree Black Belts and even one student achieving a massive 3rd Degree Black Belt.

Gwilym got awarded the BBA Award, huge well done for all your hard work.

December Graduation 2017

 Some amazing achievements just before the Christmas break.

Finn gained his First Degree Black Belt, amazing achievement & four years of commitment.

Kyle was awarded the Black Belt Attitude award for showing great improvement.

Griff and Niel were invited to the join the Leadership Programme, in the hope of becoming an instructor one day and even run their own academy.

Last but not least our great Dacayana students passed their Black Belt Grade.

Graduation November 2017

Amazing job everybody that had their graduation today. You all did amazingly. 

Huge well done to Ollie who was awarded the BBA Award this month.


Amazing work from Jaqueline who received her 2nd Degree Black Belt

& Hannah who received her 1st Degree Black Belt. Well done ladies 

this is an amazing achievement.