Tiny Tigers Kung Fu

Kung Fu For Kids: Tiny Tigers

4 – 5 Years

Mondays 4.45pm – 5.15pm OR Saturdays 9.15AM – 9.45AM

The Chi Wai Black Belt Academy Tiny Tigers classes are conducted in a safecontrolled and enjoyable environment utilising a combination of Martial Arts and games to promote an increase in motor skills and Life skills  such as co-ordination, respect, focus, balance and fitness.

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Each class comprises of exercises to promote their fitness and understanding of how enjoyable fitness can be.

Kicks and Punches of the month which promote balance, co-ordination, memory and body control.

Games that will promote hand to eye co-ordination, body control and co-ordination and concentration.

Stretching to promote flexibility, full range of motion for joints and self control.

All of the activities are carried out in a fun and enthusiastic environment ensure each child enjoys a full, fun and safe experience each time they come.

In addition throughout the training Tiny Tigers earn stickers, badges, tip tests and belts to aid in the positive reinforcement of trying hard and focusing.