Chi Chong Yan Master Sifu Lee Kent

Master Sifu Lee Kent is the founder of Chi Wai Kung Fu and one of the directors of the Chi Wai Black Belt Academy. With many years experience in self defence an the martial arts he is keen to share his finely trained skills with others. His feeling is the “Everyone should be able to learn how to defend themselves if they want to”

Sifu Mark Burrows

Sifu Mark Burrows is the most senior instructor under Master Sifu Lee. He has been at the forefront of developing Chi Wai Kung Fu and has trained in a number of disciplines in his own right.

Si-Hing Matt Paine

Si-Hing Matt Paine has been training with Master Sifu Lee for a large number of years and has also aided in the development of the training skills within the academy.

Si-Hing Mark Thomas

Si-Hing Mark Thomas is our academies power house. Bring his own unique perception of the training and techniques with his vast experience of self defence.

Si-Hing Dan Hobbs

Si-Hing Dan Hobbs has been training with Master Sifu Lee for a number of years and has proven himself as an outstanding martial artist and instructor.

Si-Hing Mel Charman

I first started Chi Wai Kung Fu after my son persuaded me to have a go, and I haven’t looked back, This was 5 years ago. It is also a good way of keeping fit as in 1995 I had a heart bypass. In the time with Chi Wai I have gone from white belt to half way to my 2nd degree black belt.

Si-Je Bethany Kent

I first started my training at the age of 5 in 2003 and i have achieved so much since! I have gone from white belt to black belt and now teach the children at the academy as well!

Chi Wai is like having a second family. They will always lookout for you and everyone is always willing to help each other out if they get stuck on a technique or just need some advice.

Assistant Instructors

Our assistant instructors are here to help motivate the students. they are watching students and ensuring the students are training correctly and reporting back to the main instructors if they feel there could be anything wrong.

Director Lisa Kent

Lisa Kent A.K.A Mrs Sifu has been married to Master Sifu Lee since 1996. She is the back bone of the academy ensuring all the administrative work is carried out correctly and on time.