Adult Classes

16+ Years

Mondays – Thursdays 6:45 – 7:30PM
Plus an additional class every Thursday 7:45 – 8:30PM

The adult age at the academy is around the age of 16 yrs but can depend on the individual. The syllabus these students work with is a dynamic and effective system with the main emphasis on techniques that work. The Chi Wai Academy have spent a number of years adding and subtracting techniques to promote the best and most effective ways to deal with an attack. With the thought being towards safety at all times.

Our Adult sessions are for all ages, fitness levels, gender and confidence. The academy prides itself in being able to offer almost anyone the chance to learn new skills and increase their fitness, Flexibility and Friendship levels.

Training with the Chi Wai Black Belt Academy can be hard work, not just physically but mentally as well. However, the personal rewards and sense of achievement more than compensate for the effort.

The training has been developed to help students with the assimilation of knowledge as well as helping the individual better their personal fitness and goals. The focus is upon learning specific techniques to enable the student to progress through the grading system, but also encompasses opportunities to learn additional techniques to widen the experience of the student and allow the student to grow as a person and a martial artist at their own pace.

Training is conducted in a semi-formal atmosphere to facilitate greater communication between the instructor and the student, enabling them to learn more quickly and see the benefits of their training sooner. However, this atmosphere also encourages respect for both the instructors and the other students who have taken the courageous step to learn Martial Arts.

Benefits and Skills

Some of the practical benefits and skills you will be taught are outlined below, although the intangible benefits from the training will differ between individual students.

  • Be aware of your surroundings and environment
  • Avoid potential danger and harm
  • Evade a potential attack
  • Redirect an attack
  • Block an attack
  • Counter an attack and stop further assault
  • Disarm an assailant when attacked with a weapon
  • Control the attack with the result of making yourself safe
  • Protect yourself, friends and family from potential attack

Martial Arts Classes

You can come and train any day of the week that best suits you.

We fully understand that it’s sometimes difficult to make a class on a fixed day which only happens once or twice a week. We all lead busy lives nowadays.

At Chi Wai Kung Fu we open every weekday and Saturday – so if you miss a class – no problem just come to the next one. We have many assistant instructors to ensure no one is left out.

Self Defence

At Chi Wai we have removed the rigidity of conventional self defence classes and focus more on actual self defence and best reactions to awkward circumstances. You will learn the best methods of avoiding trouble, and best ways to avoid injury and of course the best way to disable an attack.

Our self defence classes are geared to improve your reactions, improve your fitness, your flexibility & general confidence.